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FX Luxor DX Upgrading the LX Transformer

Upgrading the LX face panel with the DX version will allow you to have all the great features of the DX transformer in just a view simple few steps.

New features include:

  • Astronomical Timing – designed to graphically represent a DX controller’s location on a map for accurate sunrise and sunset times based on the current date, time zone, and longitude/latitude settings.
  • Event-based programming – Seven customizable programs.  Each program includes days of the week and four individual lighting events
  • Timed Offsets (optional) – Timed offsets (+/-) can be added to any program event.  Offsets are in 15-minute increments.
  • Language – select your desired language.  English, French, and Spanish.
  • Manual operation – Automatically activate your lights for one hour.  Increase run time in 15-minute increments if additional time is required.
  • Backup – function saves all user-entered information, including programs and setup data.
  • Disable function – completely shuts down all lighting events in the MANUAL and PROGRAM modes regardless of time or status, indefinitely.
  • Firmware – updates are occasionally released for the DX to add features or enhance functionality.

The part number is DX-FP; no tools are required for the face panel upgrade.

Image courtesy of hunter industries

STEP ONE: Turn off power to the transformer by unplugging the unit.

Image courtesy of hunter industries

STEP TWO: Pull on the bottom right-hand corner opening to lift the LX panel upward.

Image courtesy of hunter industries

STEP THREE: Carefully unplug the ribbon cable from the back of the face panel.

Image courtesy of hunter industries

STEP FOUR: When the panel is perpendicular to the transformer, remove by pulling outward.

Image courtesy of hunter industries

STEP FIVE: Perform this procedure in reverse to install the replacement DX front panel.

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