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FX Luxor System Reset

There are two types of system resets: facepack reset and database reset. The facepack reset simply removes power to the facepack and restarts the firmware. A database reset deletes the entire database to allow the user to start from scratch. All program data is lost during a database reset, but fixture assignments remain intact.

Facepack Reset

Image courtesy of hunter industries
  1. Remove the facepack from the chassis by pulling on the tab to the right of the facepack.
  2. Swing the facepack door open.
  3. Locate a paper clip, pen tip, or other small-point tools.
  4. Locate the reset button on the back of the facepack.
  5. Press and hold the reset button for two seconds using the selected tool.

Database Reset

Image courtesy of hunter industries
  1. From the HOME screen, push both the HOME button and the BACK button simultaneously to bring up the DIAGNOSTICS screen.
  2. Wait two seconds and press the center scroll wheel.
  3. Navigate to the CLEAR option and press the scroll wheel.

NOTE: Clearing the database does not erase fixture group assignments


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