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FX Standard Incandescent Well Lights Recommended Splicing Options

Image courtesy of hunter industries

DBRY-6 Direct Bury Splice Kit

With any low voltage lighting system, waterproof connections are crucial to maximizing the life of the system. 3M’s DBRY-6 shown here are the recommended waterproof connectors for FX fixtures. DBRY-6 connectors are available directly from FX Luminaire in bulk packs – Bulk 100 connectors (DBRY100) and 25 connectors (DBRY2X25).

Installation Instructions

  1. Strip wire insulation 3/4″
  2. With wire ends even, insert wires into the connector and tighten until secure
  3. Insert the connector all the way into the tube until the connector rests on the bottom
  4. Fold the wires into the channels
  5. Close the cap
Image courtesy of hunter industries

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