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How to Connect Hunter Pump Start Relay to Controller

The yellow wires in the lower wiring compartment of the Pump Start Relay are to be attached to your irrigation controller.

  1. Common
  2. MV Pump
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  1. Remove Pump Start Relay cover plate by removing the four screws with phillips screwdriver.
  2. Run a single wire from the “common” terminal on the controller to one of the yellow wires on the pump Start Relay.
  3. Run a single wire from the “MV/Pump”  terminal on the controller to the other yellow wire on the pump Start Relay.
  4. Use the enclosed wire nuts to make the connections and verify that they are secure.
  5. Install Pump Start Relay cover plate and four screws.  Close and lock the cabinet door.

Different wire can be used to connect the Pump Start Relay to the controller. Refer to the Wire Size Chart below for wire size and maximum lengths.   NOTE:  For more information on controller/PSR installation, please see support page for specific controller.

Pump Start Relay Maximum Wire Lengths


MAXIMUM wire length one way (Do NOT go this far!)
Model 18Awg 16Awg 14Awg 12Awg 10Awg 8Awg
PSR-22 243 ft 386 ft 616 ft 976 ft 1551 ft 2463 ft
PSR-52 134 ft 214 ft 341 ft 540 ft 859 ft 1365 ft
PSR-53 134 ft 214 ft 341 ft 540 ft 859 ft 1365 ft


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