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How to Program Hunter Dual Decoder

It is recommended that each decoder be programmed with station address(es) at the controller before installing it in the two-wire path. Decoders can also be programmed in the field with the Hunter ICD-HP Handheld Programmer, if available. Program the station number(s) into the decoders, and then write the station number assignments on the label on the decoders.

The decoder output module has two holes to the right of the programming buttons.

Before programming any stations, you should have an exact plan on paper for the location of each decoder and station in the system. DUAL decoders are available in one- and two-station sizes and they may be mixed in the same system. The numbered station assignments for each decoder can be programmed for any station by the decoder module depending on the size of the decoder.

Note: Do not program the same station number into two different decoders!


  1. Turn controller power ON.

    Image courtesy of hunter industries
  2. Insert the stripped end of the red wire from a DUAL decoder into one of the two Programming Ports to the right of the programming buttons on the decoder output module.
  3. Insert the blue wire from the decoder into the other Programming Port hole.

    Note: Do not let the wires touch each other.

    4. Press the mode button (center button)  once. An arrow will be displayed next to “Prog Decoder”. The decoder is now ready to be programmed.

    Image courtesy of hunter industries

    5. Press the  button again. The display will show “Reading” as the decoder module checks for the presence of a decoder.

    6. The display will briefly show “Reading DONE” when the module has completed identification of the decoder.

    Image courtesy of hunter industries

    7. If the decoder red/blue wires are not fully inserted into the module, or if the decoder is defective, a “Reading ERROR” message will be displayed.

    Image courtesy of hunter industries

    8. Once the module has recognized the decoder, it is now ready to be programmed. Brackets [ ] indicate the station number for the decoder output. There will be two sets of brackets for a two-station decoder. (There may already be a number within the brackets indicating that the decoder has been previously programmed.) A new decoder out of the box will be set to station 00, and new DUAL-2 decoders will have both stations set to 00.

    9. Use the ▲▼ buttons to select or change the station number you would like to program into the decoder.

    10. Press the  button to begin the automatic programming procedure.

    Image courtesy of hunter industries

    11. The display will indicate when programming has been completed by showing “Programming DONE”. If the decoder has been accidentally disconnected or malfunctions, the display will show “Programming ERROR”. This means the decoder was not programmed (check connection, and try again).

    Image courtesy of hunter industries

    12. If a two-station decoder is being programmed, use the ▶ button to navigate to the second set of brackets [ ] which indicate the station number for the #2 decoder output. Use the ▲▼ buttons to select the station number you would like to program.

    13. Press the  button once and the module will conduct the automatic programming procedure for both decoder outputs.

    14. Again, if the programming (of the decoder) is successful, the display will show “Programming DONE”.

    15. When the decoder and stations have been programmed, the module display will return to the ready mode. It is recommended that you write the station numbers for each decoder output on the label provided on each decoder.


Image courtesy of hunter industries

Note: Decoders may be reprogrammed at any time. If it is necessary to change the station numbers previously programmed into the decoder, the decoder may be reconnected to the Programming Port. The station number(s) will be displayed. Conduct the programming procedure outlined above to reprogram the decoder. The ICD-HP provides the convenience of reprogramming decoders without having to remove them from the two-wire path.


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