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How to Troubleshoot FX Luxor

Error message: “Overload” (uppercase “O”) An uppercase “O” overload indicates current far in excess of normal operating current, typically caused by a short circuit. This is controlled by a hardware circuit and trips the overload immediately. Check for shorts in the line. Resolve or repair the short circuit.
Error message: “overload” (lowercase “o”) A lowercase “o” overload indicates a current in excess of the rated current, but not as much as the uppercase “O.” For 150- watt transformers the limit is 11 amps, and for 300-watt transformers, the limit is 22 amps. For this current to trip the overload, it must be continually above these values for one second. Reduce the number of fixtures by one, turning on, and repeating until the “overload” does not occur. Resolve/repair the short circuit.
Error message: “Communications Failure” Communication between the facepack and chassis is not present. Replace the cable connecting the facepack to the chassis. If the problem persists, call technical services.
Transformer will not turn off when program is complete. No off time programmed. Go to programs and add an event time with an intensity of zero for your off time.
The transformer display is on, but no fixtures are on. The transformer’s fuse has blown. Replace fuse in transformer.

NOTE: Shorts and overloads are not covered by the FX Luminaire warranty and can be detected only when the transformer is tested in the field. Periodic system maintenance is required to keep your FX Luminaire lighting system operating at peak performance. Practicing these maintenance suggestions will lengthen the life and enjoyment of your lighting design.


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