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How to Update FX Luxor Linking

Linking allows for a single point of control for sites that require multiple Luxor controllers. Primary and satellite controllers are linked using a Cat 6 connection. A linking system can contain a total of nine satellite controllers.

Primary Controller: Luxor installed with facepack. Linking firmware is required for both facepack and chassis.

Satellite Controller: No facepack installed. Linking firmware is required for chassis.

NOTE: Prior to running a Linking system, verify primary and satellite Luxors have the latest version of linking firmware for both the facepack and chassis.

  1. At the bottom of this webpage, download the latest facepack and chassis Luxor Linking firmware onto an SD card.
  2. Update facepack firmware.
  3. Update chassis firmware.

Chassis firmware updates take about 15 minutes. The progress bar, shown at the bottom of the facepack, indicates the progress of the firmware update. Do not unplug power or Cat 6 connections while firmware updates are in process.

NOTE: More information on updating firmware can be found in the Firmware Updates support section.


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