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Hunter BTT Troubleshooting Guide

Controller not appearing in scan list or loses connection Move within 32′ (10 m) of controller. Replace the batteries. (2 AA alkaline batteries)
Visible controller, but cannot connect Verify battery strength.
Controller connected, but error when moving to programming screen within app Cycle controller batteries.

Reboot smartphone.

Reinstall Hunter BTT App.

Reset Phone Network Settings.

Verify Phone and App compatibility:

  • iOS 9.0 or above
  • Android 4.4 or above
Manual button press not responding Replace the batteries. (2 AA alkaline batteries)
App indicates watering, but none is occurring Turn on water supply. Reconnect device.
Automatic irrigation does not start at start time Verify controller is programmed for automatic watering; correct start time and correct watering days.
Controller waters more than one time Eliminate device start times as needed. Correct the Run and Soak Times in Cycling mode.
Incorrect Passcode Remove and replace batteries. Go back to the app and connect.


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