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Hunter Soil-Clik LCD Screen Callouts

Soil-Clik is used to set the desired moisture level. The level may be changed with the + and – buttons.

When the desired moisture has been reached, Soil-Clik will interrupt irrigation either through the controller’s sensor input or by “breaking” the common wire to the field.

Image courtesy of hunter industries
  1. Moisture Level
  2. Moisture Setting
  3. Watering Interrupted
  4. Pause/Override
  5. Measurement
  6. Alarm

SOIL-CLIKInstallation and Setup

This video will show you how to properly install and program a Soil-Clik irrigation moisture sensor to turn your sprinkler timer into a smart irrigation controller. Learn where to place the probe, the correct depth of probe installation, how to pre-soak the sensor, how to install the probe using a slurry mix, and connect the module to your irrigation controller.

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