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Mounting and Wiring of FX Designer BQ LED Light

The BQ Barbeque (BBQ) Light is designed for installation on a horizontal surface, commonly next to a BBQ. The flexible arm is covered by a heat shrink sheath to increase the life of the product. Do not remove the black sheath.

The flexible arm is designed to be used in the upright position to support the fixture head’s weight. Avoid overextending the flexible arm, which can cause the arm to weaken and sag, do not install fixture base more than 12″ from BBQ.

Do not place the head directly over the BBQ. Significant heat directed at the LED board may cause the board to fail.

Drill a ⅝” hole in the horizontal mounting surface. Insert the BQ wire and threaded mounting rod through the hole and hand-tighten wing nut onto mounting rod to secure fixture.

Changing or removing the color and beam adjustment lenses: 
To remove, add, or change a color or beam angle lens, twist the lens cap back and forth while simultaneously pulling up. Once the lens cap is removed, twist the top lens ¼ turn counterclockwise to release the bayonet lock and lift the lens(es) off. Repeat to remove multiple lenses. Once removed, reattach the new color and/or beam angle lens by lining up the bayonet mount and twisting clockwise ¼ turn while gently pressing down. Reinstall the lens cap by firmly pressing it past the double O-rings and flush with the main fixture.

The LED board in this product is designed to offer years of use without replacement. Should you need to replace the LED board, please contact your local FX distributor for a board replacement and the necessary instructions.

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